Some nice words from our antendees


Thank you so much for such a great camp! Ivey would tell you, if she didn’t already that that was her favorite camp in all these years! She had so much to say about you and every coach there. The encouragement, the knowledge, the advice, etc was outstanding. You all made a point of making the girls feel known and that you truly watched and offered specific training to them! Ivey would tell me what each coach taught her that day that was actually specific to her needs...also how each coach encouraged her! Mark and your words specifically have pushed her aspirations even higher, thank you. All of the coaches brought so much to those 2 days!!! We appreciate everyone !!!

Jennifer Weber

I just wanted to say thanks for putting on such a great camp. My daughter's name is Emma Zuffelato. She is 14 years old. I know you had a lot of campers so you may not remember her, but she LOVED the camp and improved so much from Thursday morning to Friday afternoon. We live in Santa Barbara and when we first walked up she was freaking out a bit and said the competition was too high for her. I told her to just do the best she could and watch the other girls to learn from them and of course soak in all of what the coaches will be teaching. Thanks again for having so much valuable instruction and such amazing, high level coaching! We would definitely drive down to do another camp similar to this one. Hope you have a great rest of your summer! Take care

Kim Zuffelato

Clara had a great experience at the beach nation camp. There was a diversity of talent and excellent coaches there. Coach player ratio was good and she felt that she had learned a lot from them.  Very positive atmosphere building kids up with confidence was also a plus. 

Claire Stowell 

The coaching is so good! I watched for a bit this morning. Even to my untrained eye, I can see a noticeable improvement in Daniel’s passing mechanics. Thanks!

Robert Smith

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