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Become a better Player

Learn the beach game from the best and gain the confidence needed to compete at a higher level and get recruited.
Player Clinics

Become a better Coach

Stop worrying about how to coach the beach game and learn to become efficient at running Beach Volleyball practices.
Coaches Clinics

Does your kid love Beach Volleyball but you are tired of…

Paying for poorly organized clinics where you see little to no improvement?
Attending clinics with high player to coach ratio?
Not getting enough exposure to college coaches?
Attending clinics that do not share recruiting information with parents?
Only working with the same coach the whole clinic?
Being confused about the recruiting process?

Get Trained by The Best!

Gain Confidence to Compete at a Higher level
Develop Social Skills, play with different partners
Get Exposure to College Coaches
We Guide You Through The Recruiting Process During Our Parent Meeting

We understand how frustrating it is to not get enough exposure to college coaches

Beach Nation is the educational partner of the JVA and AVCA.
Beach Nation Coaching staff is made up of college coaches of the year, Olympic coaches and National Team Coaches.
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Todd Rogers

Big West Conference 2019 Coach of the Year

Brooke Niles

CCSA Conference 2019 Coach of the year
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Some words from our atendees

Thank you so much for such a great camp! The encouragement, the knowledge, the advice, etc was outstanding. All of the coaches brought so much to those 2 days!!! We appreciate everyone !!!
Jennifer Weber
Thanks again for having so much valuable instruction and such amazing, high level coaching! We would definitely drive down to do another camp similar to this one.
Kim Zuffelato
There was a diversity of talent and excellent coaches there. Coach player ratio was good and she felt that she had learned a lot from them. Very positive atmosphere building kids up with confidence was also a plus.
Claire Stowell
The coaching is so good! I watched for a bit this morning. Even to my untrained eye, I can see a noticeable improvement in Daniel’s passing mechanics. Thanks!
Robert Smith

Here is how you join the Nation, Beach Nation:

Register for a clinic/showcase near you
Learn from the best, watch your child's skills and confidence grow
Get your child exposure to college coaches

2 Day Player Clinic Schedule

"What we have to learn to do, we learn by doing." - Aristotle

Day 1

9:30 am - 12:30 pm

  • Warm up games
  • In system passing and setting
  • Sideout. Offense Hits and Shots
  • Digging, Transition setting
  • Blocking and Dropping

1:30 pm - 4:30 pm

  • Out of system setting
  • Blocking and defensive strategy
  • Offensive strategy
  • Sideout, making a “call”, ball placement

Day 2

9:30 am - 11:30 am

  • Passing and serving
  • Setting
  • Making a call- Sideout
  • Defense

12:00 pm - 5:00 pm

  • Tournament play

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At Beach Nation we know you want your child to be confident in her skills and get recruited. In order to do that your child needs an opportunity to learn the beach game from the best. The problem is most clinics are not well organized leaving you frustrated with the amount of college exposure. Which is why we have put together a staff made up of College Coaches, Olympians and National Team Coaches.

So, REGISTER NOW, and in the meantime download our FREE PDF “Recruiting Simplified: 7 Ways To Help Your Child Get Recruited”. Stop paying for unorganized clinics with unproductive player to coach ratios and instead sign up with Beach Nation, gain the confidence needed to compete at a higher level.

Level-up Your Game

Attend one of the upcoming Beach Nation events

Level-up your game

Attend one of the upcoming Beach Nation events
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Learn from the best

Get to know the team behind Beach Nation
Our Coaches

Why Beach Nation?

Our World Class Coaching Staff



About us

learn from the best.
grow your game.

learn from the best.
grow your game.

The only Beach educational Partner
of the JVA and the AVCA.

Join the nationBEACH NATION

Brooke Niles

CCSA Conference 2019 Coach of the year

View Phil Dalhauser's Keys and Strategies for Blocking at the Net

The blocker has a strategic role in beach that can be broken up into a few different segments. Think of playing defense as having two defenders, a front defender and a back defender...

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Become a better player

Attend one of the upcoming Beach Nation events
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Become a better coach

Get to know the team behind Beach Nation
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We create educational opportunities for beach volleyball coaches and players of all ages, everywhere.

We create educational opportunities for beach volleyball coaches and players of all ages, everywhere.

Upcoming events

Our philosophy at Beach Nation is to teach players and coaches volleyball fundamentals, defensive and offensive strategies. Our curriculum pays attention to detail and correction required to complete the skill efficiently and effectively. Carefully planned demonstrations facilitate learning of the game.

Beach Nation builds players’ and coaches’ confidence and understanding of the game through positive, specific and continuous feedback. Coaches will learn about practice design, player management and motivation.

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