Building Brilliant Futures

Building Brilliant Futures’ mission is to provide inner city youth access to the advancement of academics and athletics via engagement with university departments. We make opportunity possible by inspiring the human spirit, teaching life skills and empowering people through sport and education.

The first priority at BBF has been to get the right PEOPLE into the right positions to ensure operational success. Our team at BBF is composed of successful personnel from all backgrounds, driven by passion, and all committed to engaging in collaborative endeavors to create empowering and accessible experiences for athletes.

Our mission has been built upon the value of EDUCATION, with the intent to broaden horizons, enrich perspectives, and provide insight to habits and mentalities that have been proven to foster success and transform lives. We are taking a holistic approach to the experience of education by providing tools and skill development for academics and athletics, as well as personal and interpersonal growth. Together, these principles shape a comprehensive educational journey that empowers learners for a dynamic future.

Our goal is to create accessible OPPORTUNITY through our programs. We strive to be catalysts for positive change and growth for athletes and athletic programs by assisting in making experiences and resources more easily attainable to those who have been limited in the past. We continue to emphasize accessibility because it strengthens bonds by ensuring inclusivity and community building.

At the heart of BBF is EXCELLENCE. Our team is comprised of experts in their craft who have solution-focused attitudes and know how to drive impactful change. With a priority of optimizing potential, we will be working to maximize the value of our educational systems and programs through continuous improvement.

Our hope is to create and facilitate positive, on-going CONNECTION between us, athletes, coaches, athletic departments, and educational departments. Through these connections, our goal is to cultivate trust, respect, and unity amongst parties so that we can better serve athletes.