Round Table with 4 AVP Stars

Mark Fishman, Beach Nation’s CEO leads a round table discussion with 4 Members of Team USA presented by AVP, Beach Nation and JVA. Hear from Tri Bourne, Sara Hughes, Crissy Jones and Emily Stockman as they share their insight and experiences as former junior and current professional athletes. Watch here!

HOW TO WIN: Teach the skills not the drills

The Beach Nation team shares strategies to help coaches improve their ability to teach the skills needed to be successful in the sand. Reflecting on years of experience, trials and errors, Beach Nation Coaches Patty Dodd (MBsand), John Kessel (former USA Volleyball director of sport development) and Todd Rogers (Olympic Gold Medalist, Cal Poly Head Coach) will explore ways to … Read More

Training proper vertical setting

Many high school players are side setters, which may work indoors, but it can be problematic on the beach. Side setting is when you are more parallel along the net and vision is also more to the sidelines than the net and court in front of you. Many professional players have found immediate improvement to their game when they transitioned … Read More

Beach Defensive Strategy: Pulling Down the Line

Covering the sand court with two defenders requires a balanced defensive strategy. Beach Nation shares the most common defensive strategy used among junior and collegiate programs of pulling down the line. When the opponent’s set is far enough off the net, the front defender (blocker) should “pull” off the net to dig, rather than block. Pulling down the line vs … Read More

Warm-Up Drill That Will Elevate Your Beach Game

Having a great warm-up routine is an important step toward being a successful beach athlete and competitor, because: (1) it allows an athlete to be best prepared to play(2) use practice time to focus on playing better and getting better rather than warming up. (3) helps reduce injuries.  Warm up drills can also allow an athlete to learn something, improve at … Read More

Four Serving Strategies to Score More Points

Serving is a critical part of the game.  A server can make the job of the passer a lot more difficult by serving to spots on the court at different speeds and locations. Here are 4 serving strategies and tactics that will elevate your beach volleyball game.  By working on these techniques during practice and at every scrimmage beach athletes can optimize … Read More

Beach Nation is honored to have John Kessel join the team

Beach Nation, the leader in beach volleyball education, coaching players and coaches, is honored to name John Kessel as part of our coaching and leadership team. After 30 plus years with USA Volleyball, John will now help guide Beach Nation’s transition from beach athletes and coaches to now include doubles volleyball on grass as well.  John remains heavily involved in … Read More

3 Fun Ways to Improve Your Beach Game

Technique and skill in any sport will only get you so far. To be at your best as a beach volleyball athlete or coach, it is essential to also enjoy your experience and have fun. That is usually the reason every athlete starts their beach volleyball journey, so why should it be any different when you are a veteran athlete or coach? … Read More